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Jung Shim

Jung Shim has moved. Please visit our new website here.

What is Qi energy?

Qi energy is the life force that flows through all living things. It supports our organs and cells and is responsible for the functioning of our body. However, our busy, modern lifestyles can drain this essential energy, creating blockages in the body. People report that, despite a healthy diet and enough exercise and rest, they still feel tired. This is because they have depleted their reserves of Qi energy.

How does a Chunsoo treatment work?

According to Eastern philosophy, low energy and energy blockages can increase vulnerability to disease and pain. When we are short of Qi energy, our body is unable to function properly, causing stress, fatigue and pain and leading to further symptoms of ill-health. We can accumulate energy blockages from stress, strong or negative emotions and from our family energy patterns.

Jung Shim practitioners use acupressure to stimulate energy and blood flow, whilst using breathing techniques to create a sound vibration. This ancient, Eastern technique helps to release tension and stress, detoxifies the body and has a calming effect on the mind and emotions.

What are Jung Shim classes?

Jung Shim classes consist of chanting, slow movements and meditation allowing us to recharge our body with Qi energy. The classes help to restore the natural flow of Qi around the body, helping to detoxify and recharge our bodies own internal energy battery.

The aim of Jung Shim classes is to regain a connection to our true self, helping us to regain our physical strength, clarity of mind and bright spirit.

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